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When it comes to a redesigning your home, it’s important to recognise that there is no such thing as one perfect design. Home renovation companies should help you identify what will work for you as an individual or a family. Remember that every single family is different. Each family has different dynamics, style preferences, activities, likes and dislikes, routines – the list is endless. As a result, the design of your home should revolve around you and your family. What will work for one family, will not work for another. The kitchen is perhaps the most functional area of the family home in modern day living. It’s often referred to as the heart of the home. It needs to be practical, efficient, and of course, you want it to look fantastic. A kitchen extension in London offers a fantastic opportunity to redesign the space. The additional space allows for an entire new range of possibilities for the design and layout. The additional light will also have a big impact on the room – allowing for different colour and design possibilities. 

How do we address your kitchen design? 

Here at Home Tales – we fully appreciate that each design is unique, and it should be treated as such. After we complete the measured survey, your designer takes the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss your requirements. If you have some ideas, great! We listen and add to your ideas. If you’re not sure, no problem, we are here to guide you. Within our floorplans, we show the intricate details of your internal layout as well as the shell and core design. We feel it’s important that you understand how the space will flow and work from an early stage. In many cases, once you understand how the internal area will work, the external area becomes far more obvious. For example – placing a rooflight over a dining table. Some of our clients like to have a window over the sink, so they can look out into the garden while doing the washing up. You might want a utility area within your design, or a snug, or an office space. We work with you to create an efficient use of the available space. There are endless design options, and we help you to achieve the design that fits your requirements, utilises space in an efficient way, and we also help you keep an eye on budget, so it’s doesn’t escalate and become unaffordable.  

What are the best kitchen designs?

The good news is – if you are extending your ground floor, you are adding additional floor area to your home which increases the possibilities for your kitchen. Even if you’re adding only a little bit of space, you would be surprised of the difference it came make. We extended into the side return of this property in Wandsworth, and we only added 11SQM of additional floor area. With that said, the additional area completely changed the shape of the room. The width increased by about 1.5m, so a narrow, dark room turned into a spacious area big enough to house a huge kitchen and 6-seater dining area. The total size of this room is about 6m in length and 4.5m in width. 

While full width glass doors are a popular option, it’s important to recognise the cons of having them. The full width glass doors means that you cannot utilise any of the rear wall space. Our client in Merton decided to have a window on the rear wall, as well as bi-fold doors. This meant we could run the kitchen along part of the rear wall, creating a U-shape with the kitchen, with a stunning island framing the middle. This design benefits from additional cabinet space and this gorgeous sink, which overlooks the garden. This beautiful kitchen is from Wickes and it was installed by our recommended builder while the extension was being undertaken. 

If you don’t have much space to work with, a small U-shape kitchen is another affective design, which maximises storage and countertop space. We extended the first floor of this property in North London. This snug room was just perfect for this kitchen, allowing more space for a spacious dining and living area. The archway means the kitchen is separated from the dining and living area, but it still maintains a visual connection which gives the illusion of a more spacious room. This stunning kitchen is from Ikea. 

If you want a kitchen island, but don’t have enough space for it, consider a moveable island. We extended the ground floor of this property 3.5m to the rear. The homeowner wanted to incorporate a kitchen island but felt it might look too bulky in the room. Instead, they opted for this stunning rustic style island, which gives them that that practical countertop space, but isn’t too imposing on the design of the room. 

We recently wrote an article on the top four design considerations for your kitchen which is a very handy read if you’re thinking about kitchen design.  

There are loads of kitchen designs out there – and they should be tailored to you. We would love to discuss your project in more detail and get some ideas flowing. Contact our team today on 0207 043 2378 or email us at You can also book a consultation directly via our website via our online diary. 

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