Why You Should Install a Kitchen Extension

At Home Tales we aim to give you all the guidance needed to proceed with your home improvement goals. As an architectural firm, we offer a variety of packages which include all types of renovations, including home extensions. We have perfected our process, to ensure its flexible and competitive with other ground floor extension companies in London. In addition to home renovations, we offer design packages for solutions such as ground floor extensions, first floor extensions and loft conversions.

One of the most popular ways to improve a house is to build a kitchen extension, usually as a ground floor rear extension. If you feel like your property needs an update, here is why we think you should seriously consider adding a kitchen extension.

Better standard of living

We believe the possibilities that a kitchen extension offers you can better your standard of living. Sometimes cooking is a stressful task, whether it’s for a large group of people. Getting a kitchen extension can take away that stress of working in a small space and on a cluttered countertop. It will offer up an abundance of storage so utensils and cookware can all be hidden away along with your ingredients. The increase in floor space means more room for luxury large appliances such as a dishwasher or double fridge, or even better, all your large appliances can go into the utility room. Aside from floor space, you will have more area for large windows, allowing for better ventilation and lighting.


A small, crowded space offers minimal design flexibility, but a kitchen extension with an open plan space and utility room can open up the doors to endless design possibilities. This addition alone can instantly make your home look modern and allows for all the kitchen features you have always wanted.

Takes advantage of garden views

Our clients have loved the beautiful garden views that their new extension has accentuated for them. A ground floor extension contributes to an indoor-outdoor living experience, especially if you opt for glass doors. The ability to experience your garden whilst staying indoors is great for people with a green thumb, and generally will improve your state of mind. Nature is evidently amazing for productivity.

Integrate your kitchen and dining setup

We love that adding a kitchen extension really opens up the layout of a property. A huge benefit to this is the ability to integrate your dining space with your kitchen setup. This extends the social capabilities of the dining area into the kitchen, as those that are cooking will never be left out of the conversation again. It is perfect for entertaining guests or your family. It can make your home feel larger as you will be able to accommodate for more people.

Space for new rooms (utility room)

If you are keen on extra storage, you have the choice to build new rooms such as a utility. Some of our clients opt for a utility room where they can house their large appliances and carry out tasks that would otherwise create a mess in the house. This keeps your kitchen upkeep to a minimum. With open plan living, this room should be a real consideration, as you will find that it saves you a lot of cleaning and organisation. It has grown to become a necessity in some modern households of all sizes, as it frees up storage underneath the kitchen counter, which you could use to extend your dining area.

Adds value to your property

Depending on the size and type of extension you want, a kitchen extension can add value (up to 25%) to your property. This is due to the increase in space and the versatility of the layout, which is highly sought after, especially in London. As an architectural firm, we can ensure that your extension will connect to your house well and improve the layout, allowing for a timeless addition to your property. We have the skills and experience to make sure your future build abides by the local council’s planning laws, whilst getting the most out of your budget.

Bespoke design

At Home Tales we will accommodate all your design needs for the kitchen extension of your dreams. We will discuss what features you would like to highlight in your extension, such as getting lots of sunlight or large garden views. In the past, our clients have candidly talked us through their ideas, which have included: pendant lighting, zoning of their ground floor, skylights, etc. We will amend your drawings until you are entirely satisfied with your design, and we can offer guidance in cases where you are stuck for ideas. Home Tales can offer a design that fits in with a period property, resulting in a seamless and coherent elevation. The kitchen extension will last for decades to come and can be adapted to your future needs.

Upgrade your space without moving home

Lastly, we want to talk about the idea that sometimes people can get tired of the look of their home, or simply want a change of scenery. They are itching for variety and may be considering moving property to fulfil that itch. A kitchen extension is a simpler, and more cost-effective way to spruce up your home without making that big plunge to move. An extension can massively change the design possibilities available to you, particularly in an open plan design, with the result being a completely upgraded house. Just look at our before and after photo, which you can find plenty more of on our Instagram page, showing the full potential of this type of addition.

If you want to discuss your kitchen extensions plans with us, along with any other future renovations, you can call us on 02070432378. Alternatively, you can email us at hello@hometales.co.uk or book a telephone consultation with us on our website.

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