Reinventing Your Space in the New Year

With the rise in UK housing prices, home extensions have become incredibly popular amongst homeowners. Many choose to carry out extensive projects such as a loft conversion or ground floor extension. For example, side return extensions in London can add a substantial amount of floor area to a period property, which is especially valuable in such a dense city. At Home Tales, our friendly team of professionals provide you with an exceptional service for all your home improvement needs. We have found that extending can provide some much-needed design flexibility, however, there are other alternatives you can carry out to reinvent your space in the meantime.

A new year can mean a fresh start. So, what is your new year’s resolution? You may want to eat healthier, spend more quality time with family, or finally get around to updating aspects of your home. We’ve found that everyone can relate to procrastinating when it comes to house projects, but we think now is the perfect time to face them head on. Entering a new year is the best excuse to implement change and freshen up your most treasured environment!

Declutter your space and your mind

First and foremost, a simple task such as decluttering can completely transform the look and feel of a space. It doesn’t need to cost anything and leaves you with extra useable floor area. Tidying up or donating your piles of clothing, children’s toys, or mismatched décor, contributes to a more comfortable and spacious home environment. Keeping clutter may be calming for some, but generally, a cluttered environment contributes to a cluttered mind. It’s also a safety hazard, especially when there are kids running about. In the end, once you’re through with the task, the interior will be left cleaner, safer, and much more manageable.


Freshen up any room by redecorating! Implementing small changes, such as laying a large shaggy colour-block rug on bare wooden flooring, can add a cosy-chic vibe to a bedroom. Hang wall art to contribute to the overall atmosphere you are aiming for. Rearrange the furniture in your open plan layout to mix up the different zones you have set up i.e., dining, living, entertainment space, etc. This is free of charge and can be that small change you need to rejuvenate the internal layout.

If you want to go bigger, changing the colour scheme of your interior can drastically improve the overall look of a room. Repainting or laying wallpaper on your walls is straightforward and covers a large area. For example, switching from a sombre grey finish to a warm beige would instantly lift the atmosphere in a living room. Peel and stick textures are an easy alternative to repainting your walls. These are squares or rolls of wallpaper that emulate realistic textures such as exposed brick. This can be stuck onto most surfaces and replaced with ease. It requires minimal effort is a relatively cheap option that looks amazing!

Lighting is key

The simplest way to transform a space is by making tweaking your lighting set up. Switching your lightbulbs from warm to cool, and vice versa, can really transform an interior. Warm lightbulbs are perfect for a living room or bedroom as they promote a relaxed environment, whilst cool lightbulbs are great for offices and kitchens as they replicate daylight. The cool tone keeps you alert and focused on the task at hand. Smart lightbulbs cannot only make it easy for you to switch between the two, but you are now able to control the exact colour of your lighting! Put an automated timer on your lights to take one step closer to a futuristic smart home.


As renovation specialists, we believe that one of the most effective ways to make your property feel brand new is to undertake a home extension or refurbishment. Refinishing wood floors has a similar effect to repainting an interior, although it requires some expertise and precision. This may involve stripping back the existing varnish, re-staining the wood, and reapplying the protective varnish.

Revitalise your home interior by undertaking a bathroom refurbishment. It’s important to prioritise self-care, especially during these difficult times. Transform your bathroom into a modern, bright, and peaceful environment. Just imagine having a beautifully calm setting to enjoy a soothing bath in after a long day.

An extension is always a great idea, as adding floor area to any property allows for a versatile layout. When undertaking a ground floor extension, consider knocking back the internal walls to really open your ground floor plan. This allows daylight to reach dark corners and creates the illusion of a much bigger interior. Your open plan ground floor can include a kitchen, dining room and living room, which would benefit from a modern, refreshed look that is perfect for entertaining guests.

We think you should consider installing a loft conversion, as it is an amazing opportunity to add that much needed space to any property. This typically involves a roof extension in some form. The elevated space is the quiet retreat you need to escape the surrounding street noise. Our clients often ask us to include extra bedrooms, bathrooms, or a home office in their new loft space. Installing extra storage space is vital during this process too, as it allows you to maintain your clean and decluttered property.

We hope you now feel confident to tackle those long-awaited home improvement projects. Our friendly team would love to hear from you and help with any renovations you have in mind! You can contact us on 02070432378, or via email at We will endeavour to respond promptly. Alternatively, you can book a telephone consultation for a time that best suits you via this link.

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