How to keep your home cool this summer

With temperatures soaring this summer the question of how to cool down our homes is on everyone’s mind. Traditionally UK housing is designed to retain heat, brilliant in our colder months but with a yearly rising temperature and sporadic heatwaves, homeowners are looking for ways to make their property more versatile to suit the unpredictability of our climate.

We’re here to breakdown a couple of quick fixes, and some more long-term solutions to beating the heat.

  • Windows and Doors

It’s important to be tactful when it comes to opening windows and doors in your property – if the temperature is hotter outside than in, you’ll only be allowing that hot air inside increasing the temperature. We suggest opening them in the early morning and later in the evening to allow ventilation. When thinking of refitting doors, going for an option such as bi-fold creates a seamless transition from house to garden and will be the best option to catch that coveted breeze.

Windows are known to absorb the suns thermal heat which can significantly raise the temperature inside, upgrading to an energy efficient option can be beneficial in both the warmer and winter months. Loft convertees should be aware of the tendency of heat to rise to upper floors and consider ventilation options such as velux windows to cool those areas.

  • Passive heat design

Interior design can play a large role in your comfort during the summer, passive heat design looks at the access the sun has to our homes and the changes we can make to maximise or minimise its heat throughout the year. Darker colours, thick fabrics and carpets can all trap heat whilst more breathable material and lighter décor can make a room feel airy. Covering the windows to prevent direct sunlight can be beneficial, from purpose made anti heat blinds to even popping tin foil over them, blocking those rays can make a big difference.

A quick tip to combat the heat would be to relocate yourself to the north facing rooms of your property as these tend to be the coolest, as do the lower floors.

An open plan layout creates space that both feels cooler and less constrictive whilst also optimising air flow, it’s also the perfect way to create social areas that do not feel cramped or claustrophobic – a must have as the summer holidays approach. When thinking about the layout of your property why not consider the benefits of window placement that can create a cross breeze, where the positioning of windows and fans can be utilised to create a stable airflow instead of the common problem of fans circulating trapped hot air throughout a room.

  • Go green

We’re talking both energy and greenery here! LED lightbulbs give off less heat than their halogen counterparts, whilst being more energy efficient this swap is a simple way to reduce both the temperature and the cost of lighting your home. Appliances such as televisions radiate heat so remember to switch them off when not in use.

A natural way to cool the home can be through the inclusion of house plants, some will dispense their excess water into the air creating moisture which can create a cooling effect. Snake and rubber plants, as well as peace lilies emit oxygen whilst being known to lower the ambient temperature surrounding them.

  • To air condition or not?

When the temperatures hit these extremes, we all are finding ourselves wishing we had invested in air conditioning. There are numerous options from smaller portable units to fully installed system, although many of these have relatively high efficiency ratings they will have an undeniable impact on your electricity bill. It’s important also to be aware of costs such as annual maintenance which would be required to monitor refrigerant levels and the possibility of leaks, as well as the upkeep of cleaning filters.

Air conditioning can be a fantastic addition to a property adding both comfort and value as we see a clear trajectory with increasing temperatures each summer but given rising energy prices we would recommend talking to our team about design and structural ways to both maximise and minimise your homes heat retention throughout the year when renovating.

If you’re looking to undertaking some home improvement projects this Summer, why not give us a call? Our friendly team of professionals would love to hear from you! You can contact us by ringing 02070432378 or you can shoot us a quick email at Alternatively, click here to book in a telephone consultation with a senior member of our team. We offer two types, our standard consultation and our consultation Plus, which offers comprehensive advice that involves several additional initial design services.

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How to keep your home cool this summer

With temperatures soaring this summer the question of how to cool down our homes is on everyone’s mind.

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