Extending my home: where do I start?

Planning an extension but have no idea where to start? Between gathering quotes, obtaining planning permission, understanding building regulations and the party wall process… renovation can feel like a stressful experience before the work has even started.  At Home Tales we aim to streamline the process and guide you through the different stages of design, planning and build. If you’re looking to extend or renovate your home, here’s some tips from the team on where to start:

There are many types of extension and although some homeowners approach us with a clear idea of what they’d like, it’s always good to consider all the possibilities that could most efficiently and effectively improve your home. We always start our process with a free telephone consultation. Our consultations give you the opportunity to speak to a design and planning expert who specialises in home renovation, house extensions and loft conversions. On these calls we talk through the feasibility of a project and follow up with a no obligation quote.

This month we’re offering a free upgrade to anyone booking a consultation with us. During an upgraded consultation we offer tailored planning advice alongside an in-depth discussion about the feasibility and specifics of your proposed project. Following the call, we’ll send you our detailed quote with transparent pricing to help you understand the cost of your renovation and we can also provide case studies from comparable past projects we think could be helpful when planning your own build.

It’s important to understand what is achievable with your property and/or available land. For example, if you’re considering a loft conversion there are different types that may or may not work with your home, such as an L shaped dormer that can create multiple, spacious rooms but is only possible on houses with an existing outrigger as the additional roof extension must sit above it. Our blog ‘What type of loft conversion do I need for my home?’ is a great place to learn more. It’s also important to understand what can be achieved from a planning perspective. Our team have worked with councils across the city and understand the different requirements and restrictions imposed by different London boroughs.  This includes renovating a property in a conservation area which you can find out more about here ‘Extending in a Conservation Area’.

Once you’ve decided on the scope of your project and understood the requirements from a planning perspective (you can find out about the difference between permitted development and planning permission here) you can start the process of working with a designer to make decisions about the structure and it’s features and draw up the architectural floorplans needed for the build. Although there is no legal requirement to work with an architect when renovating your home, you’re likely to achieve the best results when you work with an experienced designer who can give you expert ideas to utilise the new space and integrate it seamlessly into your home. Our team work closely with each other to have a robust understanding of renovation, by working alongside planning and our structural engineer, our designers can ensure we work with you to create something that is achievable, practical and creates your desired effect/meets the intend purpose. It’s important when instructing an architect to know what services they will offer and what should be featured on your plans, to learn more you can read our blog ‘What Should You Expect From Your Architectural Floorplans?’.

Not happy with your architect’s plans? We offer free amendments in the design stage, allowing you to make changes and explore options until you’re happy and ready to finalise your design. From there you’ll proceed into planning and the party wall process – both things our team aim to guide you through in the clearest way and without unnecessary jargon. Following planning you’ll be able to focus on the build aspect, with Home Tales able to offer a building regulations pack that will provide everything needed by both your builder and your building regulations officer. These packs contain crucial items such as technical specifications that are essential to the build, our blog ‘Do I need structural calculations?’ explains the importance of having that information. You’ll have 3 years from the date of planning permission being granted to start the building work and although we don’t tie you to a builder, we do work closely with our recommended builder who has been behind some of our most impressive London projects.

You can meet our recommended builder and other members of the team including design and planning experts at our upcoming house tour. You’ll be able to explore a completed project in SW18 and ask any questions to the team behind the renovation which includes a ground floor extension, loft conversion, internal refurbishment, and complete modernisation.

You can find out more about our house tours and book your free space here.

For more information on where to get started with an extension, you can get in touch with us today on 0207 043 2378 or email us at hello@hometales.co.uk to ask any questions or arrange a call from one of our renovation experts. You can also book a consultation to discuss your project and receive a free, no obligation quote via our live diary here. Don’t forget to quote code MAY24 to save £110 with a free upgrade to a consult plus.

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