Prepare Your Home for a Growing Household

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Congratulations! You are welcoming a new baby to the family. What happens now? How can you get ready for that eagerly anticipated day? Today, we would like to talk about the few ways that you can prepare your home for when you are expecting. It is evident that the addition of a new-born to a household can require a lot of space, storage, and sleepless nights. Certain home improvements can be put in place prior to this transitional period, to help with the daily routine, whether you are a new parent or a weary veteran. Was there ever a perfect time?

Home refurbishment

Refurbishing your property can make life as a parent a lot easier, even if that just includes small tweaks to your existing rooms. Installing dimmer switches is an underrated home improvement, as it allows yours and your baby’s eyes to relax during the night-time feeding sessions. Without a dimmer, you would both be met with bright light that may wake your brain up, making it difficult to go back to sleep. Getting back to, and finishing, the incomplete projects in your house can contribute to a safer environment too, as dust and awkward holes in the wall will no longer be an issue.

When considering the layout of an open plan kitchen/dining/living space, safety is key. Make a specific play zone for your little one in your living room by adding a fluffy rug and some toys in an area that isn’t close to anything dangerous. This way, you can easily keep an eye on baby while you’re cooking. Furthermore, when you are purchasing a new sofa, there is now an option to add a layer of waterproof coating on the fabric, which is perfect for rescuing your furniture from baby’s grubby hands. Cover sharp corners and put child locks on all drawers, as well as the fridge. You can also hang your plants up using macramé to avoid catching your baby digging into your beloved Monstera, but you can still benefit from the clean air and humidity it provides.

Loft conversion

When undertaking a loft conversion within your property, you will find that yourself left with a lot of extra floor area. This is a perfect opportunity to incorporate some rooms and features that will contribute to a smoother and more organised transition to parenthood.


If you have the space, creating a designated nursery in your loft comes with a load of benefits. Firstly, rooms within a loft are generally quieter as they are the furthest away from the noise of the street. This means your little one will not be easily disturbed, and you can rest easy if you are hosting a dinner. Some also believe that having a nursery is safer than keeping your baby with you in your room, as the nursery can be specifically designed to not have sharp corners, small items, or other unknowingly dangerous objects. You will be able to maintain your own space whilst housing all of baby’s toys and books in their room, which can easily be converted into a children’s bedroom in the future. This allows you to maintain a ‘safe space’ that you can relax in. Add a plush rug and an armchair (with a waterproof coating) to make baby’s nursery cosy for mum to breastfeed comfortably.


Most of our clients that come to us for a loft conversion design package opt for an extra bathroom. This is particularly helpful for keeping your baby clean in privacy, as it makes changing them easier and away from the presence of guests. You can have a clean bathroom that your guests can use, and a bathroom in your loft that may not be suitable for your visitors. You can also push away that pile of clothes that may sometimes accumulate in the time between your laundry days.

Master bedroom

If you don’t have enough space to accommodate a separate nursery, consider placing a large master bedroom in your loft conversion. This bigger room means you have the option of adding a crib near your bed or putting it further away in a dedicated ‘baby zone’ within your bedroom. You will probably want your little one close to you, especially in his/her first few months, making this a great setup for expecting parents.


When designing a loft conversion, we find it is the perfect time to incorporate more storage into your property. Any renovation gives you a good excuse to declutter the existing items that may be lying around the house. However, you may come to conclusion that there just isn’t enough room to store everything. Having the extra storage space gives your baby’s items a specific place to live, which is a good technique to avoid building up clutter. If there is anything you should take away from this post, it’s our strong recommendation to spend some extra time to maximise your storage space.

We hope we’ve helped you on your exciting journey to welcoming a new baby into your household, and we would love to discuss any further home improvement projects and concerns with you. You can contact us on 02070432378 or email us at Alternatively, book a free telephone consultation with us here.

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