The Process

Home renovation projects are all unique from one another. No two properties are the same, and each client has their own preferences and expectations from their project. As a result of this, there is no correct order in which the process should be carried out. We understand that it’s useful to have a guideline. We have provided a timeline of the services you are likely to require, as well as the order these services are likely to follow.


Architectural Design

  • General: The architectural design refers to the floorplans of your existing property and proposed development. This is when you can begin to visualise the space and experiment with different layouts and design options.
  • Home Tales: We book your measured survey which enables your assigned architectural designer to take the detailed measurements. They will sit down with you and talk through design options. This can last anywhere from 10 minutes to a couple of hours; we can adapt to your schedule and requirements. Some of our clients are very busy, and they want our guidance on designs. Most of our clients have lots of ideas, and they’ve got a collage of Instagram and Pinterest images. This is a great time to share your ideas with us. We then go through an amendment period, where we work with you to perfect your design.
  • Time allowance: From 2 weeks or more (it’s entirely led by you)

Planning Permission

  • General: If you require planning permission, then an application will need to be submitted to your local council, seeking permission for the proposed development. There might be additional information they require, such as a flood risk assessment or a design & access statement. If your scheme fits within your permitted development rights, you are still required to notify your local council of your intention to carry out the works. This is also done via an application.
  • Home Tales:It’s our job to guide you and we offer advice on what we feel is achievable as soon as we begin your initial designs. The key is to find a balance between policy and precedent, so each case is completely unique. When you are happy with your final design, we will prepare your planning set. This includes all of the drawings required by your local council. Typically, you will expect a site plan, existing and proposed floorplans, roof plans, elevations, and in some cases, sectional details. There are a variety of application types, so we select the one suited to your proposal and fill in the details. Once we have all of the relevant documentation prepared, we submit the application. We check in with your case officer at key stages to ensure the application is on track for determination.
  • Time allowance: 8 weeks

Building Regulations Pack

  • General: This is a detailed pack that includes your structural calculations and detailed drawings. The drawings and calculations will be requested by your building control officer. Structural calculations show the intricate details of the intended structure of your extension (beam connections, load analysis, steel specification).
  • Home Tales:Our calculations and drawings are done to a level of detail to satisfy building control. If your building control officer has any questions or requests any adjustments to the drawings, we carry these out for you within our scope of services.
  • Time allowance: 4 weeks

Party Wall

  • General: Party Wall is likely to be required if you are extending your home. Depending on the scope of works involved, you may be required to serve notice to your adjoining owner(s). Once you know the scope of works you wish to undertake, a Party Wall surveyor will be able to confirm if you need to serve Notice, who you need to service Notice to, and the types of Notice(s) you are required to serve.
  • Home Tales: We do have a recommended Party Wall surveyor we work with frequently. For all Home Tales clients, they serve Notice(s) to any relevant adjoining owners free of charge. Once Notice is served, they will be your appointed surveyor so any fees will be payable to them. You can of course choose your own Party Wall surveyor if you wish.
  • Time allowance: 4 to 6 weeks (you can run this alongside planning)

Appoint a Builder

  • General: Once you have your structural calculations and detailed drawings, you can begin to shop around for a builder to execute the works. We would recommend collecting quotes from 2 to 3 builders.
  • Home Tales: At Home Tales, we would be delighted to put you in touch with one of our preferred contractors. We work with builders frequently, and so any recommendations we offer are tried and tested. We have House Tours every couple of months, so you can even attend of our tours and see the quality of work for yourself.
  • Time allowance: 3 to 4 weeks

Building Control

  • General: You are required to appoint an approved body to oversee your build. This can be done via your local council (Building Control) or via an independent private company (Approved Inspector). The assigned officer will check over the drawings and confirm they are compliant with current UK building control regulations. They will also visit your building site at various stages during the build. Upon completion, they will issue a certification to confirm UK safety standards have been met .
  • Home Tales: We cannot appoint Building Control on your behalf; however, we will assist with any questions that crop up from your appointed officer during the process. From time to time they might request amendments to the drawings, and we will also carry these out for you free of charge.
  • Time allowance: for the duration of your build

Thames Water

  • General: Thames Water need to be notified about the proposed works as the build may affect a sewer or limit their access for repairs in the future. For this reason, you are required to submit a application to Thames Water which details the scope of works and includes some basic information on drainage and water flow. This is typi- cally done once the pipes are exposed. Thames Water will then decide whether they require a Build Over Agree-ment with you. If they do, you might be required to pay an additional fee to them (typically around £350).
  • Home Tales: We can submit the application on your behalf which includes all of the necessary information. Our fee covers the application. If Thames Water require a Build Over Agreement, you will need to pay this fee directly to them.
  • Time allowance: 2 weeks

Project Management

  • General: The role of a project manager is to oversee your build and essentially be your experienced eyes and ears on-site. They will coordinate all aspects of the construction process and work with the various suppliers and trades to ensure progress is made. Some companies will include this service within their contract by default, others will offer it as a bolt-on, and some will not offer it at all.
  • Home Tales: Our Project Management service is an optional bolt-on, and we can customise it to suit your individual requirements. The role of a Project Manager is very diverse, however at its core it is assisting in achieving goals and objectives within scope, time and budgetary constraints. Building work is complicated, and there are lots of moving components which require attention at specific times. Our service acts to oversee the entirety of your build, which increases efficiency, reduces the risk, the helps the project stay on-track.
  • Time allowance: for the duration of your build