Design Your Home to Brighten the Winter

As a company that specialises in home renovations in London, we are well aware that this wonderful city can quickly turn unbearably grey in the winter. Even a bright new loft conversion in London can do with sprucing up to help lift your mood through the winter months. There are plenty of design choices that you can make to promote a happy and cosy environment, especially in a place that has suddenly turned into your office, gym, or even a space to home school your children.

We wanted to share some of our favourite design solutions to bring warmth and joy to your home this winter. You may already be familiar with some of these ideas, but we think you’ll be surprised at how easy these adjustments are.

Wooden Accents

Accessories and furniture with a natural wooden finish are very popular with our clients who prefer a Scandinavian feel to their home. This is evident in a loft conversion we worked on in South West London. It boasts a modern yet rustic feel, allowing for a subtle indoor-outdoor look. It is well researched worldwide that wood in our homes can improve our emotional states, exuding warmth and comfort. Some say it can even lower your blood pressure! This organic material is definitely a favourite in modern interiors, and we completely understand why.

Warm Lighting

As the seasons change from Summer to Autumn, the sun sits a little lower, and our nights a little cosier. Replacing your lightbulbs from cool white to warm white can make a world of difference to the social zones in your home, especially if you have opted for a neutral aesthetic. It is an easily missed trick for homeowners that do not want to break the bank. Cool lighting is great for spaces that you want to stay awake and alert in, perfect for a study room, but you don’t want to be unpleasantly greeted by the stark beams during a dark Autumn/Winter’s night. Just the sight of warm lighting associates your mind with heat and fire. That’s exactly what you need for a comfy family night in your living room.

A Pop of Colour

We absolutely appreciate the beauty of a neutral home, but what can brighten up a room through all seasons is a vibrant pop of colour. This nursery refurbishment we worked on in South West London is bursting with colour, promoting creativity and engagement for the kids.

Even a colourful bouquet of flowers draws the focus in our client’s new dining room space, instantly uplifting the energy of the room. Adding interesting wall art can equally make your walls more dynamic and can relay whichever emotions you’d like associated with a room.

On the other hand, a white wall in the winter doubles as a reflective surface, making a smaller home feel wider and the ceilings taller.

Textiles: Rugs, Throws and Cushions

Nothing feels better than sitting on your sofa with a hot drink and your toes curled into a soft, plush rug on a crispy winter’s day… if there are, they are few and far between. Soft textiles are not only super comfy, but they can add some personality to your room. Our client has opted for a gridded rug in contrast to their velvet pink sofa, creating a lovely balance between masculine and feminine. What else do you need for a cosy night in?

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are often utilised to give a small space the illusion of a larger room. The reflective surface allows for the daylight and artificial lighting to reach the darker corners of a room, maximising on the shorter window of sunlight we usually get during the colder months. Our client framed their main room’s mirror with a polished golden frame. Reflective hardware and decorations can also give a similar effect.


Indoor plants can benefit your mental wellbeing physical health too. Having at least one plant in each room contributes to a well-ventilated house, especially during colder months when you want to keep the windows closed. The plants recycle the air, absorbing the carbon you breathe out and releasing oxygen in return, keeping your rooms from getting stuffy. It’s ideal in a bedroom to get a good night’s sleep. Daylight and good ventilation are significant factors to improve in your home for a comfortable living environment.

Rearrange Your Furniture

One simple, budget friendly solution is to rearrange your furniture. This can be done to revitalise your space, or make it feel brand new. Maybe you could move your art around, position your TV on a different wall, or turn your bed around to face the window instead of the wall. A small change like this is great if you are growing tired of your layout. Storing your clutter away can offer relief, as looking at a setup in your home that you find unpleasing can cause background stress. Rearranging may force you to finally clear that pile of shoes you’ve been meaning to pack away!

Skylights/Open Up Your Curtains

In our business, we have delivered on our clients’ dreams of a well-lit kitchen extension, loft conversion, or renovation. For an extension of any size, lighting considerations are important in order for you to enjoy the whole span. This includes installing new skylights and windows, shown above in our client’s new ground floor extension, creating a beautifully illuminated indoor-outdoor dining area. You can save energy on lighting your extension (with bills being high through the colder months anyway) and have an amazing view of your garden.


Lavender is a great accompaniment to any room that you want to relax in, such as a bedroom or a living room. Generally, earthy scents (such as cedarwood and sandalwood) are useful in grounding oneself, helping us to connect with nature in the warmth of our own homes. Citrus and spiced scents are popular during the Winter too. it awakens our senses and gets us excited for the long-awaited Christmas break!

With these solutions, we are confident that you will be well equipped to combat the winter blues. If you are looking to get a home extension, loft conversion or home renovation done, contact our friendly team at 02070432378. You can also email us at or book a free phone consultation here.

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