Design ideas for your loft conversion

Loft conversions in London are very popular. It’s difficult to find a street line that doesn’t feature at least a handful of loft conversions. The front façade of the property is most often left alone, with only two or three Velux windows within. The extension tends to be to the rear of the property, on the slope of the roof overlooking the garden. Here at Home Tales, we have designed hundreds of loft conversions around London and Brighton. There are lots of options when it comes to the design of a loft conversion, and we thought we would talk you through some of the most popular things to consider.  


Bedrooms are the most obvious option for a loft conversion as lots of homeowners are looking for more space for growing families. Some sources estimate that adding a bedroom adds approximately 15% to the property value. Even the smaller loft conversions typically allow enough space for a bedroom and a en-suite. We extended this family home on Sutherland Grove in SW18. The property was in a strict conservation area which restricted size of the design. After lots of negotiation with Wandsworth council we got two small single dormers approved which enabled the homeowner to add two bedrooms and a bathroom. 

Larger loft conversions have more options and clients often chose to add spacious bedrooms or a large master suite. We extended this property on Pulborough Road in Wandsworth. The loft conversion added 38SQM of additional floorspace and the homeowners originally intended on using the space for a large master suite, en-suite and dressing room. As the build went underway they decided to adjust the design and spilt the loft into two rooms and a bathroom, allowing their kids to have the new floor to themselves. 


Office spaces are often requested in our loft conversion designs as more people work from home or want a space to be able to focus on their work. Loft conversions are a fantastic space for a office or study as they are quiet in comparison to the rest of the house. You would be surprised the difference in noise just being an extra floor above the road noises and day to day hustle and bustle. If you have a spacious loft room you can always double up the study as a second bedroom with a sofa bed or day bed. 

Dressing areas

If you decide to make your loft a master suite you might want to consider a dressing area or walk-in wardrobe. These can be a great solution for awkward spaces that wouldn’t suite a bedroom or study. 


We often incorporate bathrooms in our loft conversions. Loft bathrooms can come in all shapes and sizes. Some of our clients want to dedicate a sizeable portion of their new space to a spacious family bathroom. Victorian and Edwardian properties traditionally don’t have large bathrooms. The most common place to find the original bathroom is on the first floor and they are typically quite small in size. As a result, homeowners often request a spacious bathroom in the loft instead. Lofts are also great for small bathrooms as they can fit into awkward spaces too. This bathroom is tiny and doesn’t take away from the two double bedrooms in this l-shape dormer on the Southfields grid. Despite its small size it ticks all of the boxes and features a shower, loo, sink and in-built storage. 

Eaves storage

You can never have enough storage! Period properties were not built for the modern family and often have very little original storage incorporated into the design. Loft conversions generally extend the rear pitch of the roof which squares off the room and makes it much more usable. The front pitch is often untouched except for a few Velux windows on the front elevation. As a result, the wall which includes the ceiling slope becomes quite awkward to use so it’s common to incorporate eaves storage into the design to cut off the room and improve the internal aesthetic. It’s still important to utilise the space so we often add eaves storage doors to enable access for storage. 


All loft conversions need a staircase. It’s important the design is considered carefully to ensure it’s place in the most efficient place for the design you are pursuing. When we undertake a loft conversion we always survey the first floor of the property so we can understand where the staircase will go and how it will affect the first floor and new loft layout. We go through the different options with you as well as the pros and cons of each.  

If you are thinking of extending your property get in touch with our team today. We would love to understand more about your project and discuss in more detail. Call us today on 0207 043 2378 or email us at You can also book a consultation via our live diary here. 

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