Extending my home: where do I start?

Where to start when planning a home extension

Glass extensions: Pros and Cons

The benefits and challenges of a glass extensions

What is better: to have a master suite in my loft or to maximise bedrooms?

Exploring the best use of space for a loft conversion

How to design an efficient ground floor extension

What can you do to get the most from a ground floor extension?

What are the benefits of doing a spilt application for planning permission?

Home extensions and home renovations often require planning approval from your local council. If you are making a modification to…

Buying a ‘project’ house? 

Are you thinking about purchasing a house that requires an extension or renovation? Well, you are not alone! We see…

How do I add value to my home?

Extending and/or renovating adds two kinds of value to your home. Firstly, it increases your property value, and by this…

Budget friendly extensions

Extending is a great way to add both space and value to your property. It is estimated that individual home…

Increase natural light with an extension

One of the massive benefits of carrying out a home extension is to re-design your home and incorporate design aspects…

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