Alternate materials to make your extension stand out

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Bring natural light into your home

Home renovation companies in London have a duty to provide their clients with the best possible solutions for their home…

The Middle Room Conundrum in a Victorian Terrace

Victorian terraces can be seen in most London boroughs, with their ornate detailing and vibrant exteriors making them stand out. Many of our clients come to us wanting to modernise their beautiful new terrace house, whether by opening the ground floor plan or extending the structure. In this post, we explore the conundrum of the middle room in a Victorian terrace house. This is the normal ground floor layout for this type of property, but nowadays we have seen the issues it can cause and have worked to remove them.

Making Way for Valuable Storage Space

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The right glass roof for your kitchen extension in London

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Design your home to help maintain a work-life balance

We are passionate about what we do, so we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to separate work from home life, especially as more and more of us are encouraged to hybrid work. The excitement of a new project can sweep you away from reality, but we believe it’s important to maintain boundaries to ensure you are giving 100% in all aspects of life. Otherwise, this could result in personal matters leaking into your professional environment as the lines will end up blurry. That is why in today’s post, we wanted to explore the different ways you can design your home to help re-enforce the separation of your workspace from your home space.

What works can be done without planning approval?

There are plenty of home improvement projects that can be done in a London property without having to seek planning approval. These projects would fall under Permitted Development Rights, which are a set of pre-approved changes you can make to a property. Oftentimes we recommend our clients to notify the local planning authority of their intended works so that there are no problems down the road. However, if your property is a flat, maisonette, or located within a Conservation Area, permitted development rights will not apply, and you will need to seek planning permission.

How glazing adds life to a home interior

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What type of loft conversion do I need for my home?

Installing a loft conversion in London can be incredibly rewarding. It’s a straightforward project that will oftentimes not require planning permission, therefore making it a cost-effective solution to refreshing a property. In today’s post, we cover the types of loft conversion you can undertake along with their advantages and disadvantages.