Is it better to have the dining, kitchen or living area to the rear of my extension?

A ground floor extension is a perfect way to add both space and value to your home, but knowing the best way to utilise your extension can be tricky. We often hear clients ask ‘is it better to have the dining, kitchen or living area to the rear of my extension?’ and although there is no one right answer, our design team are always on hand to offer advice.

Often homeowners will seek to increase the size of their kitchen with an extension, finally having the space for all the appliances and amenities they have dreamed of. A rear kitchen has many practical benefits, most notably the ventilation provided by windows and doors – perfect for airing the room after any culinary disasters. Kitchens can often be the most chaotic and messy room in the home, placing them at the rear of the property can leave space for you at the front of the home to create a calm and inviting area to welcome guests.

Kitchens have increasingly become social hubs in the home and having the kitchen to the rear can be great for families who like to entertain or for those who spend a lot of time in their gardens. If you’re someone who enjoys taking advantage of the warmer weather to eat or host social events outside on a patio space, a kitchen might be the functional option for the rear of your extension.

Top Tip! The principles of Feng Shui, said to bring abundance and harmony into your home, dictate the best place for a kitchen is at the rear of a home. Both to serve as an inviting space for guests and to promote health and happiness through its proximity to the garden.

When placing a kitchen to the rear of an extension it’s common that homeowners seek to add a dining element – often, but not always, with an open plan layout that allows for interaction between the kitchen and dining areas. This works well when coupled with clever window and door design, as a bright and inviting dining space is perfect for entertaining whilst cosy sitting rooms are kept separate. Dining space can come in various forms from breakfast bars to formal dining tables and are always a great addition to an extension. Combined with a modern kitchen they rank highly in desirability for perspective buyers and can add as much as 6% onto the value of your property!

Placing your sitting area to the rear of an extension might not be the most common layout we see from renovators but can also have benefits particularly when seeking privacy. Overlooking your own garden, a rear sitting room can be perfect if you’re looking to achieve an indoor/outdoor feel to your living space (want to learn more about designing a home that promotes a connection with its outdoor space? Click here!). If the sitting room is where you intend to spend the majority of your time at home, it could be a good idea to consider placing it to the rear of your extension to make the most of natural light.

Top Tip! If you are looking to add additional rooms such as a ground floor toilet or utility room when extended, it’s important to consider how those will interact with the rest of the property and the position of other rooms to get the most function from them.

When space allows, such as in this stunning SW18 family home, you may want to consider creating an informal sitting area alongside the kitchen/dining space in the extension, whilst also retaining a cosy, separate living room in the home. This can work perfectly for families who want to enjoy the social aspects of open plan living, but also retain a more intimate and snug area. The potential size of your extension can depend on many factors, but our team of design and planning experts can guide you on what is achievable.

At Home Tales we offer a bespoke approach to designing your home, with a free unlimited amendments service that can be great for homeowners uncertain about the best way to utilise their new extension and concerned about the mounting costs they could face making changes to their proposed plans. Our team are always happy to offer design advice and talk you through past projects we feel could be beneficial in helping you with your own design. We even hold house tours throughout the year where you can visit a home with a finished ground floor extension to meet our team and better understand the process. Find out more about our upcoming house tours here!

We also offer an additional service, 3D visuals, that can be created to showcase what your finished project will look like. These visuals can include details down to flooring and décor, perfect if you’re struggling to envisage your new space. To find out more about this service click here.

Still undecided about the layout of your future extension? Speak with our team of experts for free advice and a no obligation quote to help you better understand making the most of your space. You can get in touch with our team today on 0207 043 2378. You can also book a consultation via our live diary here or email our team on to arrange a call from us.

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