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What is better: to have a master suite in my loft or to maximise bedrooms?

Exploring the best use of space for a loft conversion

How long does an extension take?

We explore the average timescales for home extensions and loft conversions

What shape should my kitchen be?

Tips for kitchen design and kitchen layouts

How to design an efficient ground floor extension

What can you do to get the most from a ground floor extension?

Things to consider before I instruct an Architect

How do you choose the right architect for your home renovation project?

Should I replace my conservatory with an extension?

Is a conservatory or extension a better option for your home?

Protecting your extension from the cold weather 

Tips for protecting your home from cold weather damage this winter

What are the benefits of doing a spilt application for planning permission?

Home extensions and home renovations often require planning approval from your local council. If you are making a modification to…

When is a good time to design & build an extension?

As home architects and specialists in the design and build of home extensions in London, we are frequently asked this…

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